The Dad-bods we didn’t know we deserved!

Written by on 3 September 2020

Wodonga based Electronic Metal band Trancestate have been making waves in the local music scene for a very long time. The members have involved in some of the most prominent heavy bands in the area over the last decade or so. Ben Quin (Deuterium, Netherealm, Eviscerator). Guitarist Tom ‘Buttsy’ Clarke (Nemesphyxia, The Automata), Ben Moore (I Am Atlas, Ten Second Minute), Daniel Whitehead (I Am Atlas, DIEFM) and Bryan Wood (Massacre on the 13th Floor).

Formed in 2017, based out of Wodonga VIC. The guys were quiet to get off the ground. Working away behind closed doors on crafting their unique Electronic Metal sound.

Regarding the formation of the band, Guitarist Tom ‘Buttsy’ Clarke said:

“It was originally started as my solo project. Once the first song was released with Quinny it became pretty clear that I would never want to do this with anyone else and we recorded the rest of the first album together along with Bmoore who I had been jamming on these songs with for years. Bryan joined not long after on drums. It took us a while to find a bassist but Whitey jumped in and we haven’t looked back.

2018 saw the release of their debut filmclip for “Impact” featuring Dean Cooke (Visioner) and Jason Groenveld (Hara Kiri) which included a stunning video clip to go alongside it.

Last year, was a stand out year for Trancestate. They kicked the year off in stlye by dropping their debut EP “Planetary Awakening”. Seven tracks of absolute ball busting Electonic-Metal. Highlighted by their single “Pandamic” which (again) came with an amazing video clip in hand.

Following on from “Pandemic” the guys announce the addition of new Bass Player Daniel Whitehead. And were named as Local supports for Melbourne Heavyweights Windwaker’s shows Albury and Wagga. Both of which were sold out performances.

When asked about the future of the band, Vocalist Ben Quin said:

“New material! Lots and lots of new material. Playing live hasn’t really been a focus for us so we’re just buckling down and writing and recording. I’m slowly getting my s**t together to record vocals, Tom’s always tinkering away at something while Ben, Whitey and Bryan are always working on new stuff. It’s an exciting time for us because this is the first time we’ve written together as a band rather than it just primarily being Tom and myself along with it being recent material. Some of the songs on Planetary were 8+ years old so it’ll be cool to hear everyone’s reactions to the new stuff with new composers and new influences.”

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