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Written by on 17 November 2019

Youth Overboard

Who are Youth Overboard?

We met at a school holiday music program put on by the Border Academy of Rock back in January 2017. Despite going to different schools and living 40 odd minutes away from each other we got back in touch and started preparing for our first music competition as a duo. We’ve been playing music together for over 2 years now and in that time we’ve had some extra members come and join us to form a band and we’ve had those people leave us. Bayley started up his apprenticeship this year, and Chelsea’s undertaken her VCE year 11 course. Although we both have a lot going on in our lives with school and work we have been working hard covering and learning songs as well as writing our own. We are so so happy that both of our originals Reply and Memories Galore made it into the Atomic Charts in the top ten!

How did you get into music?

Bayley: I got into music through my pop as he was a musician himself and I used to always go down the street busking. Not long after that I started getting guitar lessons.

Chelsea: I’ve always loved to sing from a very young age. When I was seven my parents signed me up for singing lessons. By having lessons my voice has grown and I have been taught the necessary skills to help my voice be the best it can be and uncover my voices true potential. 

How did you get to where you are today?

We have played at many events and entered a number of competitions over the 2 years we have been playing together. Our most favourite live performances include:

  • Our very first open mic at the Albion Hotel back in August 2017. As this was our first open mic it was a little daunting, but it was lots of fun and everyone was so supportive!
  • Open mic at Bright Brewery- Although we’ve only performed at this venue a few times the atmosphere is always great and we’re always in for a good time performing at the Brewery
  • Gig at the Kinross Woolshed, supporting Danny Phegan- For this one we performed as a band but it was an amazing gig and experience as well as a great honour to be the support act for Danny Phegan.
  • We’ve done numerous open mics at St Ives as well as a few paid gigs there. We’ve also played at Hub62 in Chiltern another fantastic venue and also another one of our favourites is the Dederang Hotel.
  • Our most favourite performance was this years Battle of the Bands at Retro Café. We took out first place in the under 18’s duo category and won ourselves a recording with David Wilson (thanks David!) and also a headlining show which we will be doing at the Retro Café hopefully in the next month or two.

Tell us about your latest releases Memories Galore and Reply? (Number 2 and Number 7 consecutively on the Atomic Countdown)

Back in June we travelled to Wagga Wagga and got two of our originals ‘Reply’ and ‘Memories Galore’ recorded by David Wilson Recording Studios. Shout out to David for the amazing work he’s done on our tracks! We’re looking forward to getting an EP recorded with him hopefully in the near future.

Chelsea: My inspiration for ‘Reply’ came from social media. At the time of writing this song I had been feeling frustrated with peoples behavior online and how you start a conversation with someone or they start a conversation with you but then they end up leaving you on read. It’s frustrating, its annoying and its sooo confusing as well- so I decided to put this into an upbeat song that made light of the situation. When I showed my rough structure of chord progressions and lyrics to Bayley, he really made the song his own by adding in his own little touches with the guitar  (as you will hear with this song on Atomic!)

Memories Galore is about choices. It’s a song of reflection- thinking about every choice, every decision you’ve made and how its lead to where you are now.

Bayley: I came up with the chord progression for this song and added in some cool little melodic lines in the guitar to make the song more interesting and catchy for our audience.

Chelsea: After listening to Bayley’s chord progression over and over some lyrics began to form in my head and next thing we were flying!

What’s on the cards for the future of Youth Overboard?

In the next few months we hope to have six originals written! Our next step will be to record an EP with David Wilson and do an EP launch.

We are looking forward to continue playing gigs and getting our name around Albury/Wodonga and beyond. We hope to one day be playing gigs/shows in the Melbourne music scene.

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