That’s when I think of you

Written by on 25 August 2020

Garry Frost had left popular hit makers Moving Pictures in 1984  and by 1986 he was writing material for a band that was yet to be formed.

The next year, Garry was watching Hey Hey It’s Saturday which many Australians done at that time and his attention was on the segment Red Faces.

Garry saw Eric Weideman performing The Police’s hit “Roxanne” on the segment and he just had to have him in his future band, so much so that he drove all the way to Sydney to recruit Eric to be lead vocalist as well as playing on guitar and keyboards.

Bill Frost joined the band on bass guitar and James Barton was recruited to play drums and the band decided on the name 1927 after picking from a hat, a method that Garry Frost hasn’t done since the formation of the band.

Trafalgar Productions signed the band in 1988 and by July their first single “That’s When I Think Of You” was released and had peaked at No. 6 on the Australian charts by September.

“That When I Think Of You” also peaked at No. 46 in the UK and it just made it into the Hot 100 in the United States when it peaked at No. 100.

“If I Could” was released in October 1988 and it has peaked at No. 4  before the album “…Ish” was released in November 1988 and made it to No. 1 on the charts as well as peaking at No. 35 in New Zealand.

1989 provided the band with three charting singles with “You’ll Never Know” peaking at No. 15, “Compulsory Hero” peaked at No. 14 and “To Love Me” at No. 70.

Garry Frost left the band in 1990 and the band released the album ‘The Other Side’ that year, the band remained popular in Australia as the album peaked at No. 3 on the charts.

Lead single “Tell Me A Story” was the fifth and last single to peak inside the Top 20, the next single “Don’t Forget Me” peaked at No. 42 and “The Other Side” peaked at No. 83.

Their third album “1927” was released in 1992 and peaked at No. 40 with the singles “Scars” and “It Ain’t Love” with both songs peaking at No. 46 and No. 123.

James Barton and Charlie Cole both left the band in 1992 leaving just Eric Weideman and Bill Frost as original members with 1990 joining member Dave Dwyer sticking with them.

By 1993, the band was going through financial and internal problems and they called it a day having recorded three albums and ten singles with all releases charting between 1988 and 1993.

The Very Best of 1927 was released in 1996 and “…ish” was re-released complete with remastering in 2009.

Eric Weideman led the reformed band when it resumed in 2009 but he was the only member out of the 1988-1993 era but this had caused no problems for the band as they toured that year and into 2010.

The band supported Roxette in 2013 and “Generation-i” was released that year resulting in the album peaking at No. 100 no the charts though the singles “Stop the World” and “The Story Never Ends” did not chart.

1927 released the three track EP ”Paper Aeroplane” in November 2019 and they once again toured Australia in support of the EP.

Aside from the 1994-2008 break, 1927 has been a band for thirty-three years and they may continue on for many years to come.

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