Quadruple Uranium Certified, December 2021. Triple Uranium Certified, October 2020. Double Uranium Certified, September 2020. Uranium Certified, August 2020. Plutonium Certified, August 2020. Radium Certified, July 2020. Written as a collection of personal maxims to remember during challenging times and to reflect upon when needed. The COVID-19 pandemic has now given new meaning to the […]

Uranium Certified on the 2nd July, 2021 Plutonium Certified on the 25th June, 2022 Radium Certified on the 18th June, 2022 #Newwave #newmusic #music #singer #Single #localartist #Real #love #2022 MARIAH K IS READY TO GIVE YOU SOME “REAL LOVE” Chart favourite Mariah K is back in the room with a new single “Real Love” […]

Uranium Certified on the 12th September, 2021 Plutonium Certified on the 6th September, 2021 Radium Certified on the 4th September, 2021 #pop-folk #rock #newmusic #Singersongwriter It just as intimidating to write a blurb about this song, as to point out just how much of a massive hit Dragonfruit really is. The song is one of a very select […]

Uranium Certified on the 7th May. Plutonium Certified on the 15th April. Radium Certified on the 11th April. For the connections not requiring stories of epic adventure and tales to maintain. For the connections where excitement lies in the interaction itself. For these interactions created and existing solely between two people, untold to the rest. […]

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