The Unbeaten 6er’s!

Written by on 21 March 2020

The Atomic Countdown has been running for over a year now and we have had plenty of artists smash our charts to pieces with number 1 hits BUT very few have made this very select club…

We call them the 6er’s.

A group of artists that have sat at the top of the Atomic Countdown for 6 consecutive weeks in a row as voted by you through streams, shares, track purchases and embeds.

ELK, Jade Gibson, Young Cobba, Tullie Roberts, Miss Mikaila and Catnip Kaiser have all been given this title over the history of the Atomic Countdown but ALL pipped at the post by another artist just before breaking the record of most weeks on top of the charts!

In saying this… We may have another contender!

D.I.E.F.M have been sitting on the top of the charts now for 5 weeks in a row and all sources point to an induction to this highly acclaimed group of regional artists!

Can they break the mould and make it past 7 OR will Tim Harber, KEATZ or even Miss Mikaila come storming in to put a stop to it?

Watch this space and tune into the countdown on Atomic Radio Tuesday Nights AND get your votes in by streaming, buying and sharing YOUR FAVE tracks from the stream space!

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