Is 15 Minutes of Fame, Trivial?

Written by on 16 June 2022

Our modern society treats most things disposably; sandwich bags, fast fashion, fast-food packaging, the latest news cycle, and the latest music fad is no exception.

Mainstream artists come and go. Some releases spark our popular imagination and others, flop. At times even successful artists miss the mark, releasing a blundering track, sometimes only months after pipping the ace with something that resonated.

So, what are we to make of this? Reading into the philosophy of impermanence might have something to teach us. The temporariness of life reminds us that our mission is to find our own purpose. Our souls desire a lasting impact, a legacy. And this is where we touch on triviality.

While trends move quickly, a touching gesture can leave an impression for a lifetime. Some of the most impactful artists are those who were inspired by something much more meaningful. In their best form, artists like the Beatles, Dolly Parton, Bob Marley and Michael Jackson were moved by a higher calling to change the world for the better.

‘It’s what we do with our 15 minutes that counts.’

Recent examples in the Top Twenty include Bette Foord, who has been moved to raise funds for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Danny Phegan is another much talked about artist recently. Recognised for his talent, but cherished for his infallible demeanor and being, “nice to everyone”. These are the attributes which will outlast the temporary illumination of the spotlight.

Music remains a powerful medium for the exchange of emotions. A truly talented artist will be able to breath these emotions to life in the minds of their listeners but ultimately, actions speak louder than words. And music often speaks the loudest of all.

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