Written by on 10 September 2022

Mary Roll members: Jacob Elliott, Jarrem Toon, Finn Lockley and Josh Mutsch.

Mary Roll are back with a brand-new single release titled, ‘Welcome To The War’.

At a time when global tensions have been high, people are “quiet quitting” and the repercussions of two years of economic lockdowns are showing cracks in the social fabric, the Retro Youth golden boys invite you to download their timely piece.

*Mary Roll took out first place in the 2018 Battle of the Bands in Albury Wodonga.

The music video is filled with imagery that isn’t unfamiliar to anyone who has been paying attention lately. Rows of riot shield-clad police face off against balaclava adorned rebel protestors, hurling Molotov cocktails. Across the globe, in countries where supply chain cracks and inflation occur, these scenes have become commonplace.

“As a band I think we have come a long way from when we started. This is personally one of our favourite tracks. We all have contributed to the track; it opens and builds to a pretty cool solo must I add.” – Jacob Elliott, Mary Roll’s rhythm guitarist.

The band laid down the recording with famed Albury Wodonga producer Simon Mckenna, whom they described as fun to record with.

“As a band we have grown a lot and we just wanted to show you all and see what everyone thinks. This one is a fun ballad and for the first time having two different band members singing, which gives it a nice contrast.” – Josh Mutsch, Mary Roll’s Bassist.

Stream “Welcome To The War” right now on Atomic!

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