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Josh: Welcome back to Atomic Radio Australia across as the Atomic radio network. I’m kickin’ it here with a fantastic artist, she’s recently uploaded ‘Absolution State’ to the Atomic Stream Space, it is none other than Morgan Phoenix from Lovempire. Morgan, how are you going?  Morgan: I’m really good Josh, how are you? Josh: I am […]

The first show of the first annual Regional Originals festival is here! Showcasing rural and regional original music over 8 shows in a venue that is well fit for an intimate listening session! Pre-Sale is exhausted so you will have to roll up to the venue and try your luck at a door ticket! Allocation […]

Bluey’s so close to being the 1st children’s album to be No.1 in the Aria charts! So after some extensive investigation, it turns out Bluey is infact, a Rural/Regional artist and therefor, eligible for all the luv and shares we here at team Atomic can offer! So… Please… Support an Aussie modern icon and help […]

Following the announcement of the announcement of the first Regional Originals Music Festival, the Atomic Countdown has had perhaps the biggest shakeup to date! No movement for Chloe Jade holding her 7th week on the top of the countdown, Jasmine Scholz jumps one spot to #2 pushing Toby down a spot for his track “Moments”. […]

Right off the back of his debut single released at the beginning of December, Burning Jacobs Ladder (the moniker for Jake Johnson) is kicking up the dust again with another wild-west, psych-rock track, ‘Seventh Fever Of The Mind’ (Out January 15). His previous single, ‘Danger In Me’ was a fuzz-driven, high-gained track that showcased Johnson’s self-produced talents as he not […]

Atomic Music, in partnership with Murray Arts and Create NSW are stoked to announce the first annual “Regional Originals” music festival! Amongst a growing list of cancelled festivals all around Australia, the Regional Originals Music Festival is a unique design festival aimed at being both CoVID safe and packed with Australian, Rural & Regional Original […]

Mel: Welcome to atomic radio, its Mel here and I’ve got Jasmine Scholz with me right now. How are you going Jasmine? Jasmine: I’m good, how are you Mel? Mel: I’m so good, you’ve upped the dress stakes on me considerably. You’re looking very fine my dear and I have got my token flanny and […]

Many may be laconic about the year that has passed, indeed I recall spending at least a third of the last twelve months plastered to a screen in the company of the same four walls. Day in and day out. In truth, there is so much to be said about the year’s impact on the […]

It’s been a year… A year of frustration, confusion, change, gains and losses… A lot of people got hurt this year as the entire Australian music industry went into shutdown because of the global pandemic we call the Rona’ Being the resilient musicians that we are, we moved to online methods of delivering our craft […]

Lately, I have had quite a few people talk about how I don’t tend to stick with anything long-term in life. Like, I’ll start something, get the ball rolling, then move onto something else and let the original thing I was doing fade away as if it never happened. The only thing is, that “thing” […]

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