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Write about five Skyhooks songs, it should be easy but it is not, what to put down? what to leave out? join me as you discover which ones I went for.

Internet Friends is a sassy group of Perth friends and musicians who came together in 2020 to bring something different to the scene! Indie pop/rock vibes, mixed with tongue-in-cheek themes and a whole lot of attitude – you will stop whatever you are doing to belt out Booka Nile‘s often hilarious lyrics! 2021 is about to start […]

The Regional Originals Music Festival was always going to be a big achievement for Albury based event promoters Atomic Music, given that the majority of the festivals in the surrounding area fell to the pandemic. After moving it indoors and spreading it out into 8 “micro events”, the first show took shape last night to […]

The first show of the first annual Regional Originals festival is here! Showcasing rural and regional original music over 8 shows in a venue that is well fit for an intimate listening session! Pre-Sale is exhausted so you will have to roll up to the venue and try your luck at a door ticket! Allocation […]

Atomic host Josh Groch has taken over another slot on Atomic Radio hosting a show highlighting all the artists taking the stage at the Woolhouse for the first annual Regional Originals Festival! The show includes interviews, plugs and info on the upcoming 16 weeks of shows held at the Woolhouse in Albury! We don’t need […]

Lionel Rose was a family man, a terrific boxer, a good business man and he was also a singing star.

Bluey’s so close to being the 1st children’s album to be No.1 in the Aria charts! So after some extensive investigation, it turns out Bluey is infact, a Rural/Regional artist and therefor, eligible for all the luv and shares we here at team Atomic can offer! So… Please… Support an Aussie modern icon and help […]

Following the announcement of the announcement of the first Regional Originals Music Festival, the Atomic Countdown has had perhaps the biggest shakeup to date! No movement for Chloe Jade holding her 7th week on the top of the countdown, Jasmine Scholz jumps one spot to #2 pushing Toby down a spot for his track “Moments”. […]

Video Hits was on Channel Ten from 1987 until 2011 becoming an iconic music show on Australian TV.

This story is about the show and how enjoyable it was to watch it.

Sabrina Lawrie is releasing the music video for the just-released adrenaline-pumping rock single ‘Dreamstate’ (released January 8) To back up the fiery and passionate track, the accompanying music video feeds into the menacing attitude that Lawrie exudes.  Aligning with the meaning behind the track which explores human impulse and the magic behind sexuality, the music video is a psychedelic […]

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