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Paul, John and Anthony Field formed The Cockroaches (aka The Cockies) in 1979 while the trio were at St. Joseph’s College in Sydney. Rounding out the band was Tony Henry on Drums, Joseph Hallion on Saxophone, Paul Dunworth on Bass Guitar and the band was later joined by Bruce Hatfield who also played the bass […]

It is that time of the year once again it is Atomic 100 time!!! Can you believe it has nearly been 12 months since the last one?!?! This year’s Hundred will be a little bit different from its predecessors with the launch of the Atomic Stream Space changing the way we calculated our weekly and […]

It is that time of the week once again. It’s Stream Space Showdown time and man oh man has this one been highly anticipated. The Stream Space Showdown has reached its 8th week and has seen the 64 most popular artists from the Atomic Stream Space go head to head in the friendly social media […]

Between 1971 and 1975, Jamie Redfern was one of Australia’s most popular solo artists as he released multiple singles and albums, starred in a short movie, was on Young Talent Time and featured on their early albums, done national and international tours and was on the cover of TV Week no less than five times. […]

A drive-through or drive-thru, is a type of take-out service provided by a business that allows customers to purchase products without leaving their cars. Developed in 1930 originally so that people could deposit their money at the national bank Drive throughs were created to develop efficiencies and alleviate waiting times around businesses.    Now we deposit […]

I heard an interesting comment the other day that I want to unpack. “Why should I trust the words and advice of a person who hasn’t made it?” The music industry is filled with thousands upon thousands of artists that want to tell you how to succeed, offering up all sorts of advice on what […]

Previously we talked about Billy Thorpe and The Aztecs 1964 to 1966 run of success before a change of Aztecs and a breakup occurred that seemingly put an end to the band but this was not the case. Billy Thorpe and The Aztecs returned in 1969 with a new lineup and a new sound, gone […]

If you see someone with lipstick or food on their teeth. Do you tell them, even if instigating a conversation could make that person or yourself momentarily uncomfortable? I do.  Mainly because I think I’d like someone to tell me or bring attention to it so I can fix it. Something happened last week that […]

I distinctly remember a moment about a month ago.  I was hanging out with someone I’d only crossed paths within the last 6 months and I randomly started singing poorly.  They looked at me with eyes wide and went “What was that?”.  I remember being confused and said “Oh my singing outbursts,  I do that […]

Every so often an artist comes onto Atomics Radar and as of recently, a Victorian Duo has sparked an interest. If you are looking for a band with a lot of catchy hooks and pristine harmonies encased in a euphony of driving drums and jangly guitars, then let me introduce to you the all-mighty Travalley!!! […]

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