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15 weeks at number 1, Three times Uranium award winning Toby Mobbs is back with his latest track ‘All; Right Now‘! We managed to catch up with Toby this week to ask a few questions about his latest drop! Check it out! Tell us about where you got the idea for this track. What’s behind the […]

Written in January 2020 in the thick of the Summer bush fires, ‘What Are We Feeling’ is the latest single from DPM. The song reflects the plight of animals lost in (arguably) human influenced fires and the continual decline of the health of the planet due directly to human ambition, innovation, progression (actually should be called […]

Josh: Welcome back to Atomic Radio Australia across as the Atomic radio network. I’m kickin’ it here with a fantastic artist, she’s recently uploaded ‘Absolution State’ to the Atomic Stream Space, it is none other than Morgan Phoenix from Lovempire. Morgan, how are you going?  Morgan: I’m really good Josh, how are you? Josh: I am […]

Mel: Welcome to Atomic Radio Australia, you’re listening to Mel here and I’ve got James McArthur from Catseye Parish on the phone. How are you going to James? James: I’m well Mel how are you? Mel: I’m very well, I know I’ve pulled you out of bed for this but it’s an important interview because […]

Frank James is unveiling his new music video to pair with his just-released single ‘Friday’ that boasts cool volume swelling electric-guitars and mellow, island vibing melodies – watch here. This laid-back, feel-good track that oozes that Frank James persona has already received support from Double J, theMusic, AAA Backstage, Aus Music Scene, Atomic Music and more. Despite it’s upbeat “live for the day” energy, the track is […]

Just in time for the summer, Sydney-based indie-rock artist Sam Marks is releasing his warming, upbeat, feel-good track ‘Eventide’ (out November 27).  Sam Marks has been writing and performing music for years. Marks has studied at Sydney Conservatorium of Music and performed in a number of bands over the years but he has just started his very own venture […]

DeeP e.m (pronounced; DPM) burst onto the scene in 2020 with the release of his debut single ‘Expand’, as it turns out this single release would be the prequel to an entire E.P. set to be released in Autumn 2021. ‘Expand’ ascended into the top twenty on the weekly charts, and now DeeP e.m is […]

Tim Godwin is a multi-talented artist from NSW and also work’s in the medical field as a critical care nurse. He has been lining up the release of ‘Hearts Mend’ a piece written for health care workers and others suffering from burn-out. “I’ve never been one for unchallenging art and most in the music world […]

Every so often an artist comes onto Atomics Radar and as of recently, a Victorian Duo has sparked an interest. If you are looking for a band with a lot of catchy hooks and pristine harmonies encased in a euphony of driving drums and jangly guitars, then let me introduce to you the all-mighty Travalley!!! […]

We haven’t heard from Tash Fenton in quite some time, so I had to get in touch with her to see what she has been up to! The last time we heard music from Tash was when she released her debut EP back in November 2019. ‘Love Me A Lie’ is on all streaming platforms […]

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