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It’s December. The Atomic Hundred has just concluded and the sixth most popular song on Atomic this year was Mariah K’s “Take It Slow”. You’d think Mariah might be kicking back right now, settling in to take a break and enjoy a nice December holiday. But you’d be wrong. Mariah K is getting stuck in […]

Isy is on a tear once again! Cappo, a Southern Tablelands based artist, is collaborating with U.S. rapper Big Semaj and American-based Hip Hop producer East Artifice to drop a new hot track titled, “Enough”. Isy’s new single, “Enough”, deals with love and adult themes such as drug abuse. Isy injects the track with her […]

After an envious performance in the Atomic Hundred this year, Country/ Folk/ Bluegrass and most importantly, Rock artist, Deep em (DPM) is closing off 2021 with a bang and the release of a new single, “Ah-Ha!” Long-time Atomic listeners will remember DPM from his 2020 single release titled ‘Expand’. The shock waves gave birth to […]

Much of our weekly commentary hinges on what’s happening at the very top of the charts. What cannot be overstated, however, is the quality of talent that often lurks just below the top 5 tunes every week. Competition has become incredibly fierce for top spots towards the end of the year. As such, many would […]

Based out of Goulburn, still only 16 and inspired by artists such as Adele, Paramore and Jessie J, it is clear from her five singles to date that she is a woman on the cusp of commercial success. Isy Cappo has been bubbling under in the Australian music scene for the past two years and […]

Mariah K is making splash with fans once again! The artist has followed up her previous chart-topping sensation, ‘Right About That’ with a new pop single, ‘Take It Slow’. Ironically, this year Mariah K has been doing anything but taking it slow. She first blessed the Australian radio airwaves back in March 2021. At this […]

We have been hiding a huge secret from you all and it’s time to fess up… To put this in short, ICE Entertainment Pty Ltd, which was the parent company for Atomic Music was acquired by Brookehill Pty Ltd for an undisclosed figure and with this, Directors; Joshua Groch, Tyson Marcus and Joel Sulman are […]

Mariah K has been dominating the rural/regional Australian music scene for the past two weeks with her smash hit ‘Right About That’, off the artists album ‘Journey’. It’s not just the “literal chills” that the Crookwell artist’s song incites that are giving us anxiety though.. It’s the fact that Mariah K is staunch about listing her single […]

15 weeks at number 1, Three times Uranium award winning Toby Mobbs is back with his latest track ‘All; Right Now‘! We managed to catch up with Toby this week to ask a few questions about his latest drop! Check it out! Tell us about where you got the idea for this track. What’s behind the […]

Written in January 2020 in the thick of the Summer bush fires, ‘What Are We Feeling’ is the latest single from DPM. The song reflects the plight of animals lost in (arguably) human influenced fires and the continual decline of the health of the planet due directly to human ambition, innovation, progression (actually should be called […]

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