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Michael Solomon Gudinski, born 22nd August, 1952, was an Australian entrepreneur and businessman based in Melbourne and was a leading figure in the Australian music industry. Born and raised in Melbourne to Russian immigrants, Gudinski was mostly known for forming the highly successful Australian record company Mushroom Records in 1972 through which he signed several […]

CDB grooved their way to No. 2 with “Let’s Groove” but there is a lot more to their story than one massive hit.

Well then… 2021 is here and well underway! Festivals are starting to pop up again, international acts are making appearances on announcements for next year, there is a masked group of people stabbing us all over the course of the next 12 months filling us with a CoVID Vaccine, giving us the possibility of getting […]

Bad Moon Born are in a phase of re-birth. The Sydney-based five-piece are today releasing their newest single, ‘The Heart From The Hollow’, the first taste of an EP to come in the near future. A shift in style and pace, the new single heralds a whole new era for the band! ‘The Heart From The […]

PierceBrothers have just dropped their new single Brother, a crescendo-building indie folk anthem, out today, February 12.  The final track to be released before they drop their new album, Brother focuses on being away from family, a theme especially prescient now when so many family and friends are being kept apart as we head into the second year of COVID-19 [Listen: BROTHER].  Brother is […]

Finnish metalcore eccentrics ONE MORNING LEFT are finally back with a retro vengeance!The band officially launched the pre-orders for their brand-new album »Hyperactive«, which will be available on 21st of May in 2021, via Arising Empire. Continuing the barrage of fast-paced tracks is party anthem ‘Sinners Are Winners‘, a love letter to 80’s hard rock, out today worldwide!Lyrically […]

Those who are in their mid 30’s probably remember The Mavis’s hit “Cry” and hopefully this story will remind you of their other five charting songs and more.

It’s no secret that Toby Mobbs is about to drop new music but with a recent post pushing his Vinyl release, there seemed to be a little more going on… The Vinyl resting on a laptop spruking a packed Logic Session BUT zooming in… I see the names Iva and Chris… Is this a hint […]

Write about five Skyhooks songs, it should be easy but it is not, what to put down? what to leave out? join me as you discover which ones I went for.

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